The MIT Media Lab’s Open Ocean initiative works at the intersection of science, technology, art, and society to design and deploy new ways to discover and connect people with the ocean. We are empowering a global community to explore the underwater world, become impassioned problem solvers, and civic leaders with a vision of the ocean for all.

We are taking a highly collaborative, cross-disciplinary approach to tackle existing and future challenges through technological innovation, scientific discovery, and community connections:

Innovation | design, develop, and deploy new low-cost, accessible, and collaborative tools for ocean exploration

Discovery | make the collection and analysis of legacy and new data sets efficient, effective, and accessible to increase our knowledge and understanding of the ocean

Community | creatively connect all people to the ocean, particularly those who have not traditionally been directly involved with marine recreation, science, and industry, so that they better understand and appreciate its importance

The ultimate goal and inspiring challenge is building a wider community, who can then engage in and benefit from new technologies and scientific understanding of the ocean and many more still who are now untouched by the ultimate beauty, wonder, and importance of the ocean.