We are kicking off Boston Ocean Day, a public day of opportunities to participate in ocean exploration. We truly believe the awe, the wonder, and the adventure that lies beneath the waves is an inspiring experience for all individuals. Venues can participate by submitting a proposal to run a program or host an event. We are looking for ideas that celebrate the awesomeness of the ocean through food, art, science, technology, engineering, and stories. We want all audiences to feel inspired, awed, and connected to the ocean using methods that combine interactivity, storytelling, and art. From harborside scavenger hunts to cocktail sea art, hands-on activities to art exhibitions, events may be large or small, laugh out loud fun or crafty — we want to have you involved!


Call for Entries Now Open!

  • To join Boston Ocean Day and host an event, apply by July 31.
  • Become a Sponsor to make All Hands on Deck and Boston Ocean Day possible.  Learn more here!
  • Volunteer and we’ll do our best to match your interests and availability with exciting events around the city. Sign up by Aug 24 to receive more information in October.